Project Overview

Client: Avant

Objective: Chronicle the construction of Avant’s flagship space and show employees thriving in the newly finished environment.

Location: Chicago

Completed: May 2016

Principal Photography: 5 days over 2 months

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Highlight Reel

Time-lapses give a unique perspective. We captured the dynamism of the buildout process with multiple time-lapses using custom enclosures to protect our cameras.

Indoor drone flight. To capture the breadth of the central atrium we flew our drone inside, amidst the debris.

Planning ahead. Some shots cut from construction to finished space in the same camera movement, which required meticulous planning in pre-production.

Client Backstory

Avant’s online leading platform is making waves in the fin-tech industry. In just three years the company grew from four people in a windowless room to several hundred occupying a high-tech headquarters overlooking the Chicago River.

It may be hard to remember that Avant is still, technically speaking, a startup, but it’s easy to see why it has the trappings of an enduring global tech giant.

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