Project Overview

Client: Raise

Objective: Recruit talent by highlighting Raise’s collaborative culture and hi-tech space.

Location: Chicago

Completed: April 2016

Principal Photography: 2 days

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Highlight Reel

A Beautiful Mind. To capture a scene reminiscent of the movie as Raise requested, we needed a perfectly white background and a strong but highly diffused light source, both of which would normally require a soundstage. Given budget restrictions, we rigged multiple foam core boards to give us the best possible light and ensure the image was perfect—without ever leaving Raise HQ.

Advanced audio processing. Interviews took place in an open room (echoes for days) so it took some savvy post-production to get the sound crystal clear.

What holiday decorations? Shooting in January meant we had to be extra careful, because a video isn’t evergreen if there’s a Christmas tree in the background.

Client Backstory

It’s hard to believe that less than five years ago the world’s largest gift card marketplace was still a fledgling startup run out of a dining room, complete with an iPhone for internet.

Growing at such a rapid pace requires talent, and lots of it. Raise wanted a set of videos that would help set them apart as one of the Midwest’s premier tech employers.

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Frames from the Video

A Few Of Our Favorites