Project Overview


Objective: Create a compelling recruitment video while maintaining focus on VISANOW’s core mission.

Location: Chicago

Completed: November 2015

Principal Photography: 1 day

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The ApertureOne team did a fantastic job facilitating production and delivered a finished product that was beyond anyone’s expectations. They have a gift for quickly understanding the message an organization wants to convey and crafting a video that brings the message to life.

Kristy Nittskoff, Director of Talent Development, VISANOW

Highlight Reel

Balancing act. We combined the need to showcase VISANOW’s office and culture with the desire to emphasize the stories of real people that VISANOW has served. To accomplish this, we focused on faces: the faces in the portraits hanging throughout the space, and the faces of VISANOW employees—many of them having actually used VISANOW’s services. We incorporated previously shot client footage to fully capture the emotional impact of VISANOW’s work beyond their office walls.

Client Backstory

VISANOW (now known as Envoy) was founded in Chicago in 1998 to help people navigate the stressful, confusing immigration and visa application process. Today their suite of services makes it easier for employers and workers to pursue opportunities across the global marketplace.

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Frames from the Video

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