5ALVO – From Alone

Project Overview

Client: 5ALVO

Objective: Produce a cinematic music video for 5ALVO’s new release From Alone

Location: Chicago, IL

Completed: August 2018

Principal Photography: 2 Days

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Highlight Reel

Love conquers all? “From Alone” is a song about love and loss, and we knew the music video had to support and amplify the message. This is more than a story about a couple going through the ups and downs of their relationship; we wrote character arcs for both protagonists, allowing the audience to see the inevitable coming even as the main character does not.

No actors. We wanted to work with a real couple and as it happened, 5ALVO, a.k.a., Daniel Chopovsky, and his girlfriend Valerie were up for the task! Although not professional actors, we knew that with the right direction, they could convey the emotions of the relationship rollercoaster. And sure enough, they crushed it.

Places, everyone! Once we had our storyline, we went about securing locations. They had to fit the script, be close enough together to accommodate our hectic schedule, lit well enough to minimize time spent loading/unloading lighting gear, and of course, be available!

So vintage. The video called for a nostalgic look to mirror the protagonist’s feelings about the past. The Kowa Anamorphic cinema lenses, made in Japan in the 1970s, gave us the low contrast and warm color we needed. We mated these beauties to the Arri Alexa Mini cinema camera, ideal with its 4:3 sensor and unmatched dynamic range. The resulting wide image gave us the flexibility we needed to tell the story. And those lens flares…

And go! 2 days. 6 locations. 15 setups. Our crew of 6 had their hands full but all our planning paid off and the footage was as good as we’d hoped!


5ALVO: Spotify | Instagram

Trevor Dering: Spotify | Instagram

From Alone: Spotify


Director: Max Chopovsky

Producer: Lisa Wunsch

Director of Photography: Max Chopovsky

Assistant Camera: Mac Kozi

2nd Asistant Camera: Jeff Lintz

Gaffer: Joel Flory

Production Assistant: Braxton Klavins

Editor: Max Chopovsky

Colorist: Jeff Lintz

Special Thanks

Jim Jacoby and Molly Currey

Uncharted Books

Jimmy Beans Coffee

Chicago Park District

Marcy Null

Brittney Frantece

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