Bienville Legacy Motorcycles

Project Overview

Client: Bienville Legacy Motorcycles

Objective: Build anticipation for the Bienville Legacy land-speed record attempt taking place in late 2018.

Location: Bonneville Salt Flats, UT

Completed: November 2017

Principal Photography: 1 Day

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Highlight Reel

Tight on time. There was no way we were making a trailer for a land-speed record attempt at the historic Bonneville Salt Flats without taking a trip to the actual salt flats. Thing was, the Bienville Legacy team’s planned location scout took place the day before another big shoot we had back here in the Midwest. Luckily for all involved, there was exactly one combination of flights that got us to Utah with enough time to film a trailer and back to Chicago in time for breakfast.

Client Backstory

The Bienville Legacy is the brainchild of master designer JT Nesbitt and extraordinary entrepreneurs Jim Jacoby and Scott Miller. Jacoby and Miller founded the ADMCi Foundation in 2012 in order to identify, curate, and promote courageous people with remarkable capabilities to build value across industries and audiences.

Their inaugural project, the Bienville Legacy, is arguably the most innovative motorcycle ever put into limited production and undeniably a testament to the uniquely human capacity for creation. Jacoby and Miller are preparing to personally ride these superbikes for land-speed records at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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