Capital One The Shop

Project Overview

Client: Capital One

Objective: Showcase Capital One as one of the tech industry’s premier places to work and highlight Capital One’s commitment to forming new relationships in the local tech community.

Location: Chicago, IL

Completed: June 2017

Principal Photography: 2 Days

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Highlight Reel

Indoor drone flight. We wanted to capture the building’s sprawling marble entryway for our opening sequence with our drone, which required some crafty navigating around all sorts of magnetic interference.

Eyes on the prize. “The Shop” is one of the coolest workspaces we’ve ever shot, but we had to capture the amazing space in such a way that it would not distract from the video’s core message: Capital One is a destination workplace for startup-minded technologists eager for the chance to create tangible customer impact.

Client Backstory

Capital One is not your typical financial services firm. In fact, Capital One prefers to think of itself as a technology company that happens to provide financial services.

A key part of Capital One’s transformational journey to become one of the tech industry’s top players is access to top tech talent. By investing in the right people, workspaces, and community initiatives, Capital One is on a mission to not only attract the best talent the tech industry has to offer, but to equip that talent with everything they need to do the best work of their lives.

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Frames from the Video

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