Project Overview

Client: Groupon

Objective: Recruit elite tech talent by showcasing the new engineering space and providing a glimpse of Groupon’s eccentric culture.

Location: Chicago

Completed: February 2016

Principal Photography: 1 day

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Highlight Reel

Dawn to dusk. Shoot days are long. December days are short. We accelerated our typical production schedule to get everything we needed before dusk, and kept shooting after sundown to capture the beauty of the evening skyline.

Fading light? Yes please. We created flares with the sunlight streaking through the windows to draw attention to the space’s dynamic architecture. With less than ten minutes before the sun moved on, each shot had to be perfectly timed and executed.

Half empty to mostly full. The space was not heavily occupied during production. We focused on small groups in specific areas to make the space feel alive.

Client Backstory

With 50 million global customers after just seven years in business, Groupon knew it was time to open up a dedicated engineering space. We had delivered Groupon a major recruiting video in 2014, so we were excited—to say the least—for the opportunity to help them unveil the new space with a fresh video to entice the Midwest’s best and brightest.

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