Project Overview

Client: LinkedIn

Objective: Document the interior build-out of LinkedIn’s Chicago office and showcase the finished space.

Location: Chicago

Completed: March 2015

Principal Photography: 8 days over 6 months

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Highlight Reel

Math required. Using the frame rate, sequence duration, and input from the artist, we calculated how long it would take to finish painting the LinkedIn logo so the camera would arrive at its final position at the moment of her final brushstroke.

Scooter tour anyone? Only being able to shoot the finished office on weekends, we came up with a creative way to move through the unoccupied space.

Client Backstory

LinkedIn wanted a video to document their ambition in deciding to completely overhaul their Chicago office, especially the process of connecting the 3rd and 4th floors of the building with a custom stair structure.

A number of prominent local artists were commissioned to create murals for the new space, and highlighting their work was of critical importance.

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