Project Overview

Client: Motorola Mobility

Objective: Showcase Motorola’s new space in the Merchandise Mart as a metaphor for its evolution into a mobile phone technology market leader.

Location: Chicago

Completed: September 2014

Principal Photography: 4 days

Area Covered: 600,000 SF

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Highlight Reel

The cloak of secrecy. Not only did we shoot prototypes before their official release dates, we captured areas of the office the public didn’t even know existed—including a secret sound testing lab. The Motorola security team reviewed every frame to ensure nothing was revealed prior to its release date.

Rooftop challenges. Capturing the company’s sprawling custom rooftop terrace required some gutsy moves. We hung our cameras over the side of the building to capture sweeping shots of the skyline, plus we ran 100-foot extension cables to power our moving timelapse rig.

One project, six videos. Motorola wanted a number of unique videos, so to ensure production was as efficient as possible we meticulously planned each one in advance and shot over ten hours of footage over four days.

Client Backstory

Motorola Mobility is a consumer electronics and telecommunications company founded in 2011 as the result of a split by Motorola, formerly owned by Google and now by Lenovo.

From the split, Motorola Mobility took on the company’s consumer-oriented product lines while Motorola Solutions retained the company’s enterprise-oriented product lines.

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