Capital One by Skender

Project Overview

Client: Skender Construction

Objective: Chronicle the construction of Capital One’s new space focusing on the challenges posed by building a structural steel deck within an already existing floor.

Location: Chicago, IL

Completed: August 2017

Principal Photography: 4 Days

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Highlight Reel

Ready at the drop of a hat. Construction scheduling is a fickle beast. This project required us to capture specific events over the course of nine months, oftentimes with little more than a few days notice.

Flies on the wall. We’ve filmed in more active construction sites than we can remember, so by now we’re experts at operating multiple cameras, cranes, dollies, and even drones without interrupting operations (yes, we know how to pilot drones indoors).

Client Backstory

Skender Construction is one of Chicago’s leading general contractors with a hand in some of the boldest projects in the city. Skender prides itself in its holistic approach to construction, building strong relationships with clients, architects, engineers, and trade partners alike.

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