Skender Construction

Project Overview

Client: Skender Construction

Objective: Capture the impressive feat of hoisting a 20,000 lb CTA train car onto the roof of a building that one of the world’s most prominent tech companies calls home.

Location: Chicago

Completed: March 2017

Principal Photography: 1 day

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Highlight Reel

Flying in the rain. We weren’t about to let a little drizzle keep us from getting our establishing drone shots in the minutes before sunrise. We only had a few takes to get what we needed and we made them count.

Battery management. When you’re operating a 192,500 lb crane, nothing moves unless all conditions are about ten million percent perfect. When you’ve got a drone in the air ready to capture said crane lifting a train car off the ground and the crane doesn’t move for a couple hours, you’re going to cycle through a lot of drone batteries.

Client Backstory

Skender Construction is one of Chicago’s leading general contractors with a hand in some of the boldest projects in the city. Skender prides itself in its holistic approach to construction, building strong relationships with clients, architects, engineers, and trade partners alike.

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